Posted 2018-08-26
We´d love to thank you all for the support and tell you that our first single "Afterlife" has reached mo... Read more!
Guests at Metal Casino
Posted 2018-06-04
Edwin and Lea was invited to join Marielle T. at MetalCasino to chat about the band, the music and other different thing... Read more!
New single released
Posted 2018-03-28
A new single has been released! This time it´s a bit different style, a new electronic remix of the song Nightmare... Read more!
New single released
Posted 2018-02-03
Metalite has now released a new single. A piano version of the fantastic song Afterlife that, in its original form has&n... Read more!
Fantastic show at Harry B. James
Posted 2018-01-25
Metalite did their first show ever at Harry B. James. A fantastic audience was in place and helped the band to create a ... Read more!