Review by Satan Arise.
"(9/10) Solo me queda felicitar a la banda por conseguir un primer disco realmente impresionante. Gustará y mucho a los seguidores de la banda citada como influencia. Pero aún con este claro referente, logra mantener y reforzar su propia personalidad. Ya está en mi Ipod para el gimnasio." ... Go to article.
Review from Myglobalmind Online Magazine
"(8/10) Heroes in Time is an excellent debut, which continues the trend of modern melodic metal that strikes a balance between being very accessible and catchy, with a heavy use of keyboards and some very accessible vocals, while still having enough of an edge to appeal to metal fans, especially power metal fans on many of the tracks." ... Go to article.
Review at Lords Of Metal.
"(80/100) Biggest assets of the Metalite sound are the fresh guitar riffs and the great vocals of Emma Bensing, who provides a lovely vocal coloring of the songs. Metalite immediately makes a very strong impression with this debut album and that gives a lot of confidence for a successful future of the band. " ... Go to article.
Review published on the site Ravenheart Music
"(9/10) There are eleven tracks on this impressive debut, they being melodic, catchy and memorable with more hooks than a Japanese whaling fleet." ... Go to article.
"Au final, une seule constatation se fait: avec ce premier effort, le groupe ne passera pas inaperçu et va faire parler de lui. Il le mérite. A découvrir d’urgence. " ... Go to article.
Review from Rock Hard Magazine.
"(4.8/5) Thank you for your fantastic words!"
Review by The Metal Resource.
"(8/10) The title track “Heroes in Time” really takes the sound up another notch. The opening keyboards introduce a nice pounding beat which is picked up by the rest of the band and carried throughout the rest of the song. The catchiness is undeniable and the various shifts in drum patterns by Lea Larsson throughout the song keep things interesting as do some of the rougher sounding riffs and guitar solo." ... Go to article.
Review by The Dead Rhetoric Metalzine
"(9/10) Easily one of the most energetic and smile-inducing albums so far this year, Heroes in Time is an impressive debut. It’s grounded with metallic power, yet isn’t afraid to bring in boogie-shaking synths to make it even stronger. While it may be polarizing for some, there’s no doubt of its potential to generate a rabid fanbase." ... Go to article.
Review Melodic Rock Fanzine (#82)
Burn Your Ears Metalzine
"(9/10) Mit "Heroes Of Time“ haben sich METALITE als heißester Female-Fronted-Metal-Newcomer des Jahres in Stellung gebracht. Die Konkurrenz darf sich in Acht nehmen!" ... Go to article.
Sweden Rock Magazine
Review from Soundscape Magazine.
"(9/10) There’s a lot of depth to this album and throughout its many layers Metalite ceaselessly entertain, and with never a dull moment." ... Go to article.
Review from
"In een kleine 50 minuten tijd verdedigd Metalite haar bestaansrecht en slaagt hier absoluut in. Dit is een album dat niet alleen voor de liefhebber weggelegd is." ... Go to article.
Undercover Rock And Metal Metalzine
"A New Star Is Born! Die Schweden Metalite veröffentlichen ihr Debüt-Album “Heroes In Time”. Ein Melodic-Metal-Album mit 100%-Hitgarantie." ... Go to article.
"(8.5/10)" ... Go to article.
Review from
"(8/10) Metalite’s Heroes In Time is a Melodic Metal barn-burner of an album. The core musicians are all amazingly talented and work well together, and Bensing’s vocals are nothing short of spectacular. Upbeat songs, positive words, and top-notch production values make Metalite’s debut highly recommended!" ... Go to article.
The Metal Observer
"(8/10) It definitely qualifies as power metal in the sense of the word, but it is so chock full of keyboard ambiences and fronted by a vocalist in Emma Bensing that is pristine sounding enough to have been a finalist on American Idol. " ... Go to article.
Interview with The Junction UK.
"Inner Wound Recordings recently signed Swedish female fronted melodic metal band Metalite to their label. The band’s debut album “Heroes In Time” will be released on October 27th in Europe and North America, and on first listen, it looks as though Inner Wound Recordings have made a tremendous discovery and have thankfully acted quickly in supporting Metalite." ... Go to article.
Interview with Lords Of Metal
"With ‘Heroes In Time’ the new Swedish melodic metal band Metalite has release a great first album, which will definitely be to the liking of the fans of the genre. Guitar player Edwin Premberg was contacted to get more background information about this new band." ... Go to article.
Interview with Seigneurs Du Metal.
"First of all, thank you for making this interview possible. It’s a real pleasure." ... Go to article.
Interview with The Dead Rhetoric Metalzine
"Capturing high-energy electronic synths and merging them with a legitimate power metal structure, Metalite have a sound that’s hard to ignore. There’s metal, there’s more danceable vibes, and a genuine feeling of happiness (a rarity in these parts) as you listen to their debut. Curious to learn more about the band and their origins, we sent guitarist Edwin Premberg some e-questions to shine more light upon the up-and-coming act." ... Go to article.
Interview Melodic Rock Fanzine (#82)
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Interview with
"You can only make a first impression once and Metalite is making a strong one with their Heroes Of Time debut due out October 27th via Inner Wound Recordings. The music is unabashedly cheerful and very melodic, but still packs a punch thanks to founder and guitarist Edwin Premberg. Premberg took some time to answer some questions about Heroes In Time, the formation of the band and more." ... Go to article.
Band Of The Week, interview.
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Edwin did a massive interview with
"Me and one of the band leaders/guitarist Edwin Premberg had a sit down in order to talk about their new debut album HEROES IN TIME as well as how it was to work with the famous Danish producer Jacob Hansen." ... Go to article.
10 frågor (Edwin Premberg) -
"10 frågor är en intervjuserie där det ställs just 10 frågor om musik till musiker, såväl kända som okända och svenska som utländska." ... Go to article.